Group of companies “aOrion”
03 Sep, 2021

Group of companies “aOrion”

developer of advanced solutions in the field of unmanned helicopters

aOrion is a group of high-tech companies that designs, develops and manufactures small unmanned helicopters and specialized payloads for the commercial and government sectors. The first company was founded in February 2017 in Belarus, and in 2021 began to develop its activities via CIS and Western Europe. In addition to the development of small professional drones, our R&D team has unique experience in the conversion of civil helicopters with a total takeoff weight more than 3 tons into unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

aOrion UAS with compatible payloads — versatile platforms for multiple operational tasks.

Heli-E meets the various challenges in the following industries:

  • energy and utilities;
  • transport infrastructure;
  • telecommunications;
  • mining industry;
  • construction and mechanical engineering;
  • forestry;
  • agriculture;
  • aerial photography;
  • logistics and shipping;
  • emergency management;
  • health care;
  • public safety, etc.

Accumulated knowledge and expertise of “aOrion” is the result of 4 years of continuous development, testing and application of manufactured products in real conditions with leading companies from different industries in Europe and CIS.

During the existence of group of companies “aOrion” has achieved impressive results:

  • developed 2 production versions of electric helicopter drone- the 3d and the 4th of aOrion Electro UAS with up to 2h flight time and up to a 7 kg payload capacity;
  • manufactured more than 30 pcs of the 3d and the 4th of aOrion Electro UAS;
  • integration of 2 types of photo cameras (24 MP and 48 MP) with aOrion Electro UAS including development of special mounting and vibration absorber;
  • development of a slow-descending device for measuring equipment compatible with aOrion Electro UAS;
  • development of a special device for delivery of oil samples compatible with aOrion Electro UAS;
  • development of a special device for soft-suspension cargo transportation compatible with aOrion Electro UAS;
  • developed 2-axis gyro stabilized gimbal with visible range camera;
  • developed 3-axis gyro stabilized gimbal with visible range camera;
  • developed 3-axis gyro stabilized gimbal with visible range camera and infra-red range;
  • successful performance of several challenging test missions in Poland (powerline inspection in the Carpathian Mountains), Kazakhstan (ice patrol in the Caspian Sea) and Russia (inspection of railway overhead lines in Leningrad region);
  • after the market entry in Q3 2020, completion of 3 commercial projects in Russia: ice patrol in the Kara Sea, oil samples delivery for Gazprom Neft oil company, and delivery of a medical box weighing 7kg in Tomsk region, Siberia.
  • Participation in major exhibitions such as GUAS 2019, Amsterdam Drone Week 2019, Drone Tech Expo Saudi Arabia 2021, Hardware EcoSystem Meetup #4.

aOrion Electro UAS it’s only the first product in the wide range of unmanned helicopters and payloads developed by the group of companies “aOrion”

At the moment, aOrion is working on:

  • developing of the 5th version of aOrion Electro UAS and improving of two-level autopilot system;
  • development of “aOrion Hybrid” UAS, a model with a hybrid powertrain with maximum payload weight 10 kg and flight time more than 4 hours;
  • development of a complete solution for converting manned helicopters into unmanned aircraft with a payload capacity of 150 kg or more;
  • development of payloads for round-the-clock video monitoring (3-axis gyro stabilized gimbal with and/or infrared cameras) and 3D inspections (based on camera and LiDAR)
Wide range of aOrion products