aorion heli-e
7 kg
105 min
Max. Flight Time
27.3 kg
Take-Off Weight
Heli-E is an unmanned aircraft system based on an electric helicopter. Small, yet powerful and reliable, Heli-E will change the way you think about drones.
Fully electric, autonomous, professional.
helie for complex operations

Ready for Complex Operation

Our drone is a modular heavy-lifter compatible with a variety of gimbals and payloads for different challenging missions.

Designed to overcome the limits, Heli-E is the best drone option for long-endurance autonomous inspection of power lines

Flight range check
105 min
Max. Flight Time
110 km/h
Max. Air Speed
6 000 m
Service ceiling
5 min
for On-Site Assembly
1 button
to Start the Flight
1 operator
to Conduct the Mission
15 m/s
Max. Wind Load
-30 to +45 °C
Operating Temperature
1 mm/h
Max. precipitation

High-capacity electric batteries is what makes our aerial platform an eco-friendly solution.

Mounted in one click, 2 smart batteries displays power level and can be charged from a standard 220V outlet.

Designed with no «single-point-of-failure», Heli-E is a fully redundant drone.

Duplication of critical components and systems as well as multistep emergency rescue system ensure an excellent safety record.

helicopter gimbal

All you need for flight control is a laptop with special software and data link.

The flight is totally under control of smart autopilot* with computer vision and inertial navigation including flying path optimization and protectability from operator mistakes.

  • Radio signal backed up with mobile communication
  • Data transmission over the distance of up to 100 km (in line of sight if directional antenna provided)
  • Protection from control hack with encrypted communications
* Different what-if scenarios can be customized depending on a task, environment, visibility of the drone during the flight, and type of a payload. As a UAS manufacturer, we are able to integrate additional equipment and replace communication system to customize the drone to your working tasks.

High technology of Heli-E assures minimum cost and effort for maintenance so you could continuously create value for your company over extended period of time.


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We are open for collaborations with DaaS providers, payload suppliers and UAS-integration companies to provide complex aerial solutions.
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